Airfield Estate

Airfield Estate is Dublin’s only 38-acre working farm which is open to the public all year round. On the estate you will find many attractions including the Overend family home, kitchen, gardens, vintage cars, farm and play area. Get cosy with the hens, collect freshly laid eggs or see the beautiful Jersey herd being milked. Make friends with the goats, pigs, hens and donkeys and, if you time it right, you’ll see them getting fed by the farm team.

There are a few gardens on the estate. The Walled garden in the most beautiful Think generous herbaceous borders, a row of Pleached Malus ‘Everest’ trees that give the garden a sense of enclosed elegance, and centering all of this, a decorative pergola that will be adorned with wisteria and roses over the coming years.

In the Greenhouse you can learn how to grow flowers and seeds.

At the entry of the farm is the Sunken garden. The garden is themed around the fusion of ornamental and edible plants, ornamental carrots, onions and edible flowers form a decorative tapestry of planting that looks at its best mid spring to early summer.

There are three more gardens growing organic food and flowers.

Original home to the Overend family, today Airfield House is an interactive tour and exhibition which brings visitors closer to this admired Dublin family. Here you’ll view family photographs, letters, original clothing and display cases with information on their prize-winning Jersey herd, vintage cars and their much loved Victorian toys and books.

The place is huge and since you spend a whole day here, there are many playgrounds.

The one near the pigs was really fun and interesting – there was an outdoor kitchen with sink, pots and water.

Around the barns there were sculptures with info about each animal.

The estate is particularly interesting for children nowadays since many of them have seen such animals only in books. It was a fun day for my son, especially the fact that he was so close to them and could touch them.

The entry for adults is 12 euro and 6.50 for children over three eyars old. There are different combinations, best to look in their site.

I will finish my story about the farm with this photo which shows the pure joy and happiness of my son. The smile was upon his face all day long.

Stay tuned and don’t stop travelling!

Author: marinelapetrunova

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