Malta-day four

After the last tiring day we decided this one to be spent on the beach and to rest peacefully. As I’ve already said, our hostel was close to the two sandy beaches and as we’ve already visited one of them, we chose to go to the other – Golden Bay.

There are two bus routes connecting the beach with the inland and, lucky for us, one of them was close by. The Golden Bay is located in the western part of Malta, the area is wild and there is only one hotel near the beach. Two other beaches are near the Bay, you can reach them from the bus stop by foot and quite a big amount of stairs.

The weather was perfect which meant a lot of people chose to spend their free time on the beach. Still, there was enough space to rest peacefully. The water was crystal clear, even fishes were swimming around us. Not just small ones but really,really fast.

If you are as crazy enough and can’t stay still for more than few hours you can climb the nearby cliffs and enjoy the splendid views. On the edge stands another defensive tower, one of eleven remaining. Here,on this plan you can see where all of them were.

There is a tour around all of the remaining ones, very interesting, I’m told. The one we saw is restored but closed for visits, unfortunately. While we were wandering around ,two buses with German pensioners came and started to climb like a mountain goats on every possible rock and take pictures. It was an interesting site.

After withstanding the brutal winds we decided to go back home. This turned out to be a problem since we were out of the tourist season and the bus schedule is really tight and you can catch it once in an hour although it is full with people since the first stop. Apparently the drivers thought that is reason enough to pass by us not minding our expressive waiving. We had two options – to wait for another hour or to get another bus and depend on our luck to transfer somewhere in the island. We chose the second one, of course, and quickly managed to get to our hostel. Quickly was essential since we had a plan to go to the old island capital – Mdina and its neighbor city Rabat.

As you can see from the photo, Mdina is a town-fortress, located nearly in the perfect center of the island. The locals call it the “Silent city” because there are only 300 residents and it’s almost empty in the evenings. There’s a legend saying that St. Paul lived here after his shipwreck. Nowadays Mdina is almost only tourists city and most of the locals live in the nearby Rabat. You can understand my surprise when I found out that the border between the two cities is just a street. If you don’t know that there are two of them in advance you can never guess. Mdina is extremely beautiful with hundreds of small alleys and high buildings. The views from the city walls are breathtaking and you can see the sea from everywhere.

The city has few main landmarks – St Paul Cathedral, Palazzo Vilhena and the Benedictine monastery are just some of them. To be honest you’ll see landmarks every time you turn around. But when the sun sets you’ll find yourselves in a fairy-tale. The tourist are long gone and the city is just for you to explore every corner and secret. Just keep in mind to have warm clothes with you, if the winds starts blowing you’ll need them.

Rabat is the nearby city, which was a Mdina suburb. Here you can see a lot more evidence of other countries ruling, because the old town had kept it’s medieval look. We saw it at dawn and stumbled upon remains of a recently ended religious celebration, the streets were decorated with garlands and wooden figures of saints. On one small square we saw old men siting on benches and talking and one street down old ladies, apparently you must gossip separately 🙂 We felt in a movie. To complete the atmosphere suddenly we heard cannons and saw smoke… Immediately we went into their direction to try to found out what this was. They went at least ten times but we couldn’t see where from or why …

After few magical hours and randomly discovering one of the biggest and tastiest chocolate cakes, we went back to our hostel to rest and dream of the old times when Maltese knights walked on the same alleys we walked today.

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