Or mountain hike for lazy tourists. That’s the easiest way I could describe our group and this is the reason why this post will be more pictures than text.

The initial plan of the day was to get by car to hotel Maliovitsa and to reach Strashnoto lake through the cabin. It turned out hat the lake justifies its name ( Strashno means scary in Bulgarian), the path is quite hard and the weather forecast was rain with thunders. Legends are told about this place an the lightings that fall there thanks to the iron in the rocks. I’ve already had the experience of going through rocks while lighting storm and didn’t want to feel that scared ever again, so the solution was to simplify the route and to get to the cabin Maliovitsa. If you even hiked there you know that the path is easy, there isn’t much climbing or steeps. The forecast was wrong, the sum was shining like in the Sahara desert and we had a lovely day.

No more explanation – here are the pictures. Nevertheless, the nature is more beautiful than any words.

Enjoy !

That’s the beginning of the route – the meadow in front of the hotel. The next photo is the peak.

The whole path was filled with mushrooms, unknown to me, but someone has already kicked every one last of them.

There were also blueberries.

Beauty on the way :

Like I already said it was quite hot so when we reache the cabin we had to take a rest and dry our damp clothes. Maybe because of this the weather became cross with us and started to get cloudy. At some time we thought to climb the peak, but we let that idea go. We reached “first terrace” where we had lunch, a few times tastier in the fresh air than at home. We wandered around the rock and tired but happy started to descend.

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