How it all began …

The idea of this post is to briefly tell you about my travels so far, or at least about the most important ones . Unexpectedly , my writings came too long, so I’ll divide this post in two parts and I promise to get over my laziness and describe the most interesting travels in separate posts .

All my life I’ve wanted to travel… Despite my wandering nature, this feeling was the one that remained with me forever and constantly bugged me from inside. After many school trips, my summer school in Macedonia, thanks to my A grades ( !!! ) , the one true travel was the exchange my high school had with an art college in Bath, UK . I cannot describe my excitement because England is my irrational and mad love. I wont get into details, I don’t remember many thing after all this time and there’s no point to write about such an old stuff. I’ll just mention that the first thing our group did when we got off the plane, was to take pictures with London Bobbies, who were flattered by our attention and to buy Mars bars from vending machine, which we’ve seen only in the movies.

For many years I didn’t have the opportunity to travel, except occasionally going to the seaside.

Luckily I’ve met someone who shares my unstopping thirst for travel and it all began …

Our first trip was very wanted and exciting, because I was really nervous. We decided to use an agency since I was not familiar with any details and had no idea how to plan a trip . Since than I’m quite confident about organisation and became an explorer going through every site and forum .

So , back on topic, our first adventure was to Thessaloniki and Meteora in Greece. The beginning was at Thessaloniki where I gasped of excitement on every corner . Nowadays I wouldn’t be so impressed, but back then I was thrilled. The weather was warm, there was a beach, what else do you need.

The most important stop was Meteora and it’s majestic rock monasteries. Unfortunately, the first thought that comes to my mind about this trip is the pouring rain that caught us unguarded and the pity attempt to get back to our hotel. Half of the night we spent in drying our clothes and since then I’ve sworn to never travel with only one pair of shoes.

The second destination was quite logical – after all I’m huge fan of anything related to vampires – so , here it is – Romania . We got a tour with the spectacular name ” Romania – the land of Count Dracula “. There wasn’t anything mysterious or bloodthirsty, but Castle Bran where Dracula, maybe, spent one night, deserved the effort. Castle Peles and Brasov city center were also a pleasant surprise. My fun story in Romania is that there I ate sushi for first time and loved it so much that I dragged few boxes on the bus ride all the way back to Bulgaria.

We got more experienced and decided to travel a bit far – to Prague , Czech Republic. The bus trip tried to ruin everything because we had to wait four hours on a highway in Serbia . The hotel we stayed in Prague was probably built in the great years of the Czech communism and nobody cared to notice that the world have changed, but the food was worthy of a royal gathering. Prague was the first destination that showed me why some people decide to leave Bulgaria. Really peaceful, very beautiful and full of history, no matter the crowds of tourists. After it I felt a real culture shock, everything in Sofia looked a hundred times more dirty, old and ragged but I’ve got used to it again. The strange thing is that I’ve never experienced such strong shock again …

Wien – I have no outstanding memory, besides the wonderful palaces, the Klimt’s exibition and the artworks of Shiele. I’ve always loved him, but in person the paintings are astonishing. I remember very well the cafe in the History Museum and the gorgeous halls of the Egypt Exhibition. But the feeling of eating of mushroom soup in this scenery is like you’re at least Princess Sissi .

Istanbul was our first touch to the Orient, or this was what I thought would be. Istanbul turned out to be a huge, cosmopolitan city, worthy of all the big European capitals.The only thing reminding me where we are were the mustached men in the cafes, whose only job seemed to be gossiping and staring at tourists. I’m sure that with this visit we just scratched the surface of the city and there are many things you can see, especially outside of the tourist maps. Kapali Carshi and the Egyptian Bazaar suffocated and tired me, I found out that these aren’t my kind of places at all. The most fun part was the boat trip and the moment when the tour guide found out that we are from Bulgaria and started to point at the palaces on the river bank explaining what house was shot in what Turkish TV soap opera ( they are very popular in Bulgaria ).

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