U.N.E.S.C.O. World Heritage Sites – part two

As I already wrote in the first part of this post, I’ll keep the sites listed alphabetically 🙂


1.The parks and palaces of Berlin and Potsdam – Potsdam is a really nice town, not far from Berlin and is definitely worth a day trip. I visited it during the winter and sure that it’s way more lovely in the summer. Didn’t have the chance to see all the attractions, but saw the biggest one – the Sans Souci Palace and its park. Couldn’t manage to see the inside, but I doubt it would be something incredible. I loved the park and especially the Eastern pavilion. Now, when I look through the palaces list I feel the need to go back there again since I haven’t seen most of it…

2. The museum island, Berlin – I had no idea that this is a UNESCO site, but it’s a must see. It’s a small island in the river stacked with impressive museums such as the one with the Pergamon’s Altar and Ishtar’s gates, which are one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen. The New museum, the one for Egypt art is a attraction not only because of it’s exhibition but because of the restoration of the building after the Second World War.


1.Meteora – I’ll always remember this visit since it was my first trip abroad after many, many years. I think that the site is famous enough, but nothing can prepare you for the grandeur of the monasteries or the height, where they are built. It’s a real miracle how they managed or how they kept them safe till now.

2. Saint Dimitar Church in Thessaloniki – the biggest orthodox church in town, where the saint’s remains are kept. I wasn’t very impressed, but you should visit it. After all Thessaloniki is so close to Bulgaria, there are also other sites worth visiting and don’t forget to taste the famous „giros“


1.Budapest – the whole city is a fairytale and you just have to visit it, especially as it is so close.The Palace Hill and The Fisherman Bastion are real magic, I think they were the most impressive thing I saw there, together with the food, of course… There are many interesting things to see there, and as I’ve heard, the bathhouses are one of the. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time, but next time I’ll plan some time there for sure.


1.The Historic center of Rome and the Vatican – Rome, Rome, a dream come true, so many memories filled with sun, sunburn, wandering in the street from dusk till dawn… Four day were not even close to enough, this city has so much to offer, there is a historic monument or site on every corner. The promised land for travel-lovers like me 🙂

2.Mount Etna – he best birthday present, so far. To have the best experience, the volcano erupted two day before out visit so we had the chance to see the peak in smoke. We couldn’t to the lava itself, of course, but the dry one was just as impressive and to make us think about the force of nature and how small and irrelevant us, humans are.

3.Venice might not be the „eternal city“ like Rome, but is just as beautiful and worth visiting. This is only the first and the only city that I got lost and it was just as windy as in a mountain. Nevertheless, it was a remarkable trip and was filled with romance, beauty and just a hint of mystery. The myth of nasty smell was just a myth for men, I couldn’t smell anything…

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