In the summer of 2019 our family had the chance to spend almost three months in Dublin and I’ll try to tell you about everything interesting, popular or not, in the city. Overall, I wouldn’t say that I liked Dublin much, unlike Ireland. If you go out of the city everything is gorgeous, but Dublin itself not so much… There were amazing places, of course, and I will tell you about one of them now.

Imaginosity, the Dublin Children’s Museum, is a unique child-centred creative space for children up to nine years of age and their families. The Museum celebrates children’s imaginations on the journey from curiosity to discovery. Imaginosity offers a wide variety of workshops and classes in arts and crafts, computers, music and theatre every day.

Imaginosity is the only dedicated children’s museum in the South of the country, providing learning experiences for children up to the age of 9 years. The museum hosts three floors of interactive, educationally designed exhibits that children can navigate at their own pace. All museum exhibits present children with opportunities for learning through ‘hands on’ interaction and exploration.

The first level is designed around a small town centre built to child sized proportions, allowing children to take ownership of the space around them. The environment allows children to investigate familiar things in new ways, like a supermarket or a doctor’s surgery and assists in building confidence by participation in a world of imagination that is uniquely their own.

The supermarket is a realistic, child-sized supermarket full of tasty and  healthy foods.  Grab a trolly and a shopping list or put on a uniform and become the store manager or a baker. Put on an apron and man the checkout.  Learn about the journey of food from the ground to our shelves! take part in an interactive food race, or test your sense of smell at the smelling station.

The butcher’s counter is stocked with a variety of different meats. Put on an apron and learn about how meat is prepared for cooking. Turn the chicken on the rotisserie, weigh your meats, organise the display case or snap together the sausages.

The Garage offers children the chance to become real mechanics, drivers and engineers as they explore a range of activities and challenges in this popular exhibit. Put on your overalls, discover our cog-wall, use your tools to fix the car, build a wooden car and race it down the track or fill up the real-lie Audi A1 with petrol.

Visitors can place their order for something good to eat at the swinging Dublin Diner. Fashioned as an American 1950’s style diner, songs from the 1950’s can be played on an old fashioned jukebox mounted on the wall. Put on your Chef’s hat and get busy in the well-stocked kitchen preparing food for all the family.

A large play table that is a map, a cityscape, and a playscape all in one! Assemble and arrange familiar town buildings as well as creating your own designs. With lots of props – people, trees, trains providing endless opportunities for playing with and controlling this miniature world.

The Bank provides children with several different play experiences, as they learn about money & the different currencies around the world. A coin rubbing area lets visitors explore the marvelous shapes of coins and make a rubbing to take home. Serve the customers behind the counter,explore the history of money on the touchscreen computer or learn about the security features of money.

The Dr. Apple-a-day’s Office is a bright friendly, comfortable area where visitors can learn about the importance of exercise and keeping fit; race on exercise bikes and see what happens to your body! Figure out how much you weigh and how many litres of water are in your body.  Interact with an exciting body and bones interactive; use a stethoscope to hear your heart beat and fix aliments with bandages, slings and casts. Use the light box to check out X rays and lie on the bed and try to see the skeleton.

This cabinet was my son’s favourite, especially this installation, where you can lie down and see a whole skeleton above you and to check which part opposites the one in your body.

It’s all about the math! Construction play, no matter what the scale, offers many mental challenges to do with measurement, symmetry, equality, balance, shape, spatial relationships and physical properties. Playing at construction, children are doing math.

And this was the kids staircase:

And this is just a part of the second floor:

Here you can make animation with the dinosaur figures:

And this is a musical instrument:

The museum is a lovely place for kids and you can spend there all day. Unfortunately, the ticket gives you only two hours. The price is 8 euro for adults, kids under 3 – 6 euro. It’s best to buy them in advance, there are limited slots, especially at the weekend. You can buy them here.

Stay tuned and don’t stop travelling!

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