In the summer of 2019 our family had the chance to spend almost three months in Dublin and I’ll try to tell you about everything interesting, popular or not, in the city. Overall, I wouldn’t say that I liked Dublin much, unlike Ireland. If you go out of the city everything is gorgeous, but Dublin itself not so much… There were amazing places, of course, and I will tell you about one of them now.

When the Dublin and Kingstown Railway arrived in Bray in 1854 this coastal town just 20 kilometres from Ireland’s capital became a seaside resort for Dubliners. Early on, Bray was planned as “Ireland’s Brighton” and the Victorian promenade and genteel front row of houses are holdovers from those early years of tourism.

There are different attractions in Bray and I will start with the most famous one. Sea Life Bray Aquarium is one of Ireland’s largest marine and freshwater zoos and the only aquarium on the East Coast of Ireland.

At Sea Life Bray Aquarium you can choose to see many creatures, ranging from the curious and the rescued to the rare and the enigmatic. The aquarium allows you to get closer to them than ever before. Highlights include shark, sea star, clownfish, moon jellyfish and octopus.

There is a range of exhibits at Sea Life Bray Aquarium including “Rivers of the World”, “Toxic Terrors”, “Finding Nemo”, “Shark Nursery”, “Lair of the Octopus”, and “Tropical Shark Lagoon”. With 30 displays, a kids quiz trail, a colouring table, an indoor play area for younger children and hourly public feeds of the animals, there is much to do.

If you buy your ticket online the price is 13.50 euro, on site – 14.50. There are several discount options, best to see their site.

An eastern spur of the Wicklow Mountains, Bray Head is a 241-metre hill watching over the south side of the town. You can begin a calorie-burning ascent from Bray’s Victorian promenade, scrambling to the summit for widescreen vistas of Bray, the Dublin Bay and inland mountains. Also up here is a stone cross erected in the Catholic Holy Year of 1950.

If you carry on south from the summit you’ll get on to the Bray Head Cliff Walk, where the path clings to the slate bluffs on the way to the resort of Greystones.

According to USA Today, the McDonalds in the town hall is the 5th coolest in the world. Other locations on the list included Rome, a UFO shaped restaurant in Roswell, and of course a few spots in New York

Detached multiple-bay two-storey former Martello tower, built 1804-5, and now in use as a private residence. The building is constructed in coursed granite. The circular tower comprises of a high battered granite wall with small plain defensive openings. It is now surmounted by a glazed “drum” with a glazed conical roof. The tower overlooks the shoreline and site on a bailey-like artificial mound which is contained by a battered stone wall.

This is the end of this travel diary and if you are ever in Dublin you can check this small but beautiful town.

Stay tuned and don’t stop travelling!

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