Brown Hart Gardens

Brown Hart Gardens is a raised terraced garden in Mayfair, immediately south of London’s Oxford Street. Brown Hart Gardens was built in 1906 above the old Duke Street electricity substation after the removal of the street level gardens. In order to compensate local residents for the loss of the old communal garden, the Duke of Westminster insisted that a paved Italian garden featuring trees in tubs be placed on top of the substation. The deck of the property was open to the public as an ornamental garden until the 1980s when it was closed.

The deck has been resurfaced with French Villebois Limestone, and the drainage system redesigned to drain water to a new perimeter channel offering greater protection for the substation below. Trees and plants have been planted at the perimeter in special planters that are also power units and contain lights illuminating the deck. The planters and seats in the middle of the deck can be moved around into a variety of configurations allowing flexible planting schemes to add interest to the gardens through the seasons.

In 2007 plans were announced to revamp the site, and the site was reopened to the public after 20 years of closure in October 2007.

Interesting fact is that while it’s officially a Westminster Park, the space falls within the Grosvenor Estate that was laid out 300 years ago and thus has a unique and woefully outdated set of bylaws specific to that estate.

The rules state that “no idle or disorderly person or person in an intoxicated unclean or verminous condition is allowed in the garden.” Fair enough. But it goes further, prohibiting, among other things, “games, quarrelling, shouting, singing, and the practice of gymnastics.” It also states that any person committing a breach of the above bylaws will be prosecuted.

Here is the exact location :

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