U.N.E.S.C.O. World Heritage Sites – part three

Here I am, again, after a short break, but this is the last part of my scribbles 🙂 I haven’t visited as much sites as I wish, but frankly the list is quite extent. The whole life is in front of me and there has to be some motivation to keep the fire of travel alive in me.


The capital Valletta – this is one of my last trips and my memories are still untouched. The town is small, just 7000 people, but it’s a real pleasure for every trip lover. It is not only beautiful, but you are also surrounded by smells of delicious food and desserts. Of, course, you must enjoy the architecture, because this town is a jewel, not only for Malta. All kinds of cultures are mixed here, everyone that went through the island left its mark in the buildings, the gardens or just in the town spirit. The most kind memory were the red phone boots, left by the British, without any practical use, just for the nostalgia and the atmosphere. They were so lovely that you almost didn’t feel their smell, which just the same as in London…


Kotor – we just went through the town on the way back from Dubrovnik and I was far from impressed. I’m sure that if it was the other way around, the result would be quite different. It’s just that Dubrovnik was so spectacular, that anything else couldn’t even stand beside it. But, let’s say something about the town – the attractions are the harbor and the enormous city walls, spread on the mountain around Kotor. They are really impressive and if I ever come back I’ll spent some time to climb them and the views from above. The city center has a nice old part with buildings left since the Italian ruling, but everything was dirty and neglected. I hope that it’ll change and someday to see the town again.


The works of Antonio Gaudi – Unfortunately for me, I’ve seen only a bit of the UNESCO sites in this country. The only one are the masterpieces of Gaudi – a true genius, who created something like never before.

Park Guell – once free, now with a significant fee. Nevertheless, it’s well worth visiting and despite the crowds the feeling of just being there is unique. I had never seen such forms and unstoppable fantasy by another man.

Sagrada Famiglia – a true masterpiece, I don’t that there is a man who felt nothing just standing in front of it. My strongest memory is the beauty of the light coming through the strained glass throughout the whole cathedral, colouring the white walls. Also, my trembling feet when I climbed the towers and looked down.

Casa Batllo – it was really hard to decide if we should visit this house or Casa Milla, but this one won me with it’s interior. Everything is strictly in the Gaudi atmosphere, every details is thought of and made till the smallest detail. If I ever go back, I would certainly visit the other Gaudi sites in Barcelona, this were not enough.


Ohrid – I’ve been in Ohrid several times, the most memorable was the last time, because I was on a trip with with my fellow students from the Art Academy. The town is beautiful, but I still wasn’t rally impressed. Nevertheless, there a re many sites worth your visit (this is the town with 365 churches), the biggest one is the “Sveti Naum” monastery.


Historic part of Istanbul – a city, that everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime. Not one of my favorites but I can’t deny it’s historical and cultural inheritance, which must be noticed. Also, this the first place where I ate baklava 🙂 I was there for only three days, but I made the most of them and I was most impressed by the palaces and the mosques, markets the least. I never craved to visit the Kapali Carshi and I don’t think I’ll ever do it again, not there nor the Egyptian market. There were too many people and overall this was not my type of experience.

Pamukkale – a place, I wanted to visit since early age. I was fascinated by this white as clouds rocks. It was a good to finally do it because we may not have the chance to marvel them for long if the Turkish authorities don’t restrict the tourist flow.

Pamukkale are few hot springs with special waters full with calcium, who, when evaporated leaves white dust, who hardens after a while. This is the reason for this cloud-like forms. They are really interesting to see up close and if that’s not enough you can visit Hierapolis – old Roman town near the springs.

Selim Mosque in Odrin – the first big mosque I got to visit and was really impressed, compared to the city itself. It was built by the Ottoman architect Sinan in honour of sultan Selim II and is thought to be his biggest accomplishment. Selim Mosque, together with Sulleiman Mosque in Istanbul are the so called “Sultan’s mosques”. Both of them are built in the Byzantium style of “Saint Sofia” church. Despite this fact, Selim mosque has a different main plan and uses new architectural ideas, created by Sinan.

United Kingdom

Stonehendge – these are sites, that I’m really keen for. I love the country for my own illogical reasons and everything connected with the UK is better for me 🙂

Nevertheless, I’ll try to be as objective as possible.

Stonehendge is another place I wanted to visit since little girl. Maybe that’s the reason why I was so surprised by the real place, where it’s located – an intersection on a big highway, in the middle of a sheep lawn. Despite the not so romantic surroundings, the megalith is quite impressive no matter where you stand. Unfortunately, you can’t go near the stones, but the few meters were enough to get goosebumps.

Bath – another big love of mine and I’m sure thet everyone who love the Victorian and Georgian era and has read Jane Austen at least a little will fall in love with it immediately. All building are built in one style and material and it’s forbidden to make it any other way, which makes the town as if still in 18 century. As you can guess by it’s name, the town is famous for it’s hot springs and the Roman bath, built on top of them. I’ve been in Bath twice but would love to see it a thousand times more 🙂

Westminster Abbey, London – I have no idea why but I barely kept myself from weeping the whole time I was in this incredible place… Every stone is soaked with history, every stained glass is filled with hundreds of years and memorable events, but the chapel with the memorial plaques of so many famous people got me. Even now, when I write, I get goosebumps…

Tower of London – the famous royal palace turned in the biggest and scariest prison in the kingdom, presently a museum and a place where the royal crowns and jewels are kept. Incredible place, worth every pound spent for the entrance fee. You can experience the whole history, to see the armories of many kings and to dream at the site of the jewels. Another must is to spent some time with the Tower’s huge black crows living in the yard.

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