Malta – day one and two

I finally sat down and started the post about Malta. I could talk endlessly about this small island, but I’ll write only about our experience and a few tips. The posts will be kind of dailies, because that’s the easiest way to systematize what I what to tell you. And so, first and second day :

I’ll post them together since the first day was actually only an evening. Thanks again to Wizzair we traveled for a low price, the flight was in the evening and the weather in Bulgaria horrible – cold and rainy.

When we arrived it was already dark, our hostel had free shuttle service which turned out to be huge advantage. Malta is small but you should definitely have some kind of vehicle. The airport is on south side of the island and our town – Budgibba – in the north. I have read about the “interesting” way of driving of the locals, but it was even spookier in person. There are no highways, the roads are narrow with lots of turns, but apparently it doesn’t stop anyone to drive how he likes and to cut the other cars. Nevertheless, we arrived, the hostel was not as expected, but was clean and cheap. We tried to find something to eat, but it was 11 PM, out of season (it stars from July) and there was almost anything open. We found a duner place, where to everyone’s surprise, almost everyone – client and staff were Bulgarians. Later it turned out that Malta is filled with Bulgarian, one even asked if we came here to work …

Fresh in the morning (it was really handy that I always carry earplugs since all night we could hear old English ladies singing karaoke) we went to the beach.

There are almost no sandy beaches in Malta, most of them are just rocks in the sea, but I did my research and knew choose a place to stay near the two biggest ones. Travelling through the island is by bus, but keep in mind that the traffic is tremendous. It’s more peaceful in the north there are fewer tourists which was perfect for us. Usually, you can take 30 km for an hour and half, but when you put the driving in the right side in the scheme it is no fun at all. But we are old dogs and with minimal effort found out the bus stop in our direction and learned the most important thing – you stop the bus by waving. There are timetables and signs which bus stops where, the orientation is easy , but if you are not sure always ask the driver. So we managed to get to one of the sandy beaches – Mellieha with 90 % of the bus. It was gorgeous, almost empty and huge. Thanks to it’s rich history and international occupation Malta is filled with castles, towers and palaces. Even when you are sunbathing you can see magnificent buildings wherever you look. For instance , just above the Mellieha beach is the majestic Red Castle.

If you’ve read some of my earlier post you know that the main reason to visit Malta was Game of Thrones, which first season was shot here. Because of our desire to fully dive into the local atmosphere , after sunbathing and drinking the local beer Cisk, we decided to take a walk in the town Mellieha and it’s biggest attraction- the Parish Church.

It’s obvious that the stones are the main material for building here, therefore the architecture. The walls of the houses are quite thick – about 50 cm, to keep the hot out I suppose, and the canalization, added later is outside on the walls with pipes reminding gutters. There is no need to tell you that sometimes you can feel a very specific smell. The whole atmosphere transfers you to another time and way of living. The island is filled with traces of the recently ended British ruling,which just completes the picture. Unfortunately, big part of the buildings are left in ruins no matter their beauty. We wandered around the town, really small one, but after all I’m writing about a country which capital has the huge number of 7000 people living in it. We became friends with a very kind cat, ate fresh fruits, almost get acquaintance with a a small girl and came back to Budggiba just in time for the romantic sunset over the sea…

The girl and the cat

And the sunset :

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