How it all began , part two

Rome – we gathered some experience and after I discovered how to use the internet for important reasons like traveling plans, we decided that we are ready to travel by ourselves. This continued in a few months of restless reading, buying plane tickets with trembling hand and a couple sleepless nights imagining what could go wrong. Well, nothing did, exactly the opposite – the trip was lovely. Rome is a spectacular city and the time we had was not even close to enough. Surprisingly, the owner of our hostel and the staff were Bulgarians.

The most vivid memory about it was the hell heat in the end of June, I got serious sunburn, and , of course, the Vatican Museums. It is quite a different experience to study about something and to see it by yourself, and there are a lot of things to see. I wont even start about the sunsets or the food. Pasta, bruschetti, ice cream …

Berlin – we are incredibly lucky to have friends living abroad or otherwise a lot of time would pass till I even start to consider visiting Berlin. It turned out that, of course, I would be very wrong. Berlin didn’t swept me of my feet at first site, it seemed too sterile and tidy. On second things were quite different. This was the most international and vivid city I’ve ever visited. Incredible museums, huge street culture, lovely bars and, of course, wursts. I seldom associate one city with the food I’ve ate there . In this case I vividly remember a small Korean restaurant and the unforgettable kimchi.

Venice – I’ve read, heard and saw so much about „the most romantic city in the world“ that I just had to visit it. And I did just in time because the low cost company stopped flying there soon after.The city is one of the places you must visit at least once . The atmosphere is unique, especially in the evening, when all the tourists leave the town, no idea where, but you are left all alone wandering in small endless alleys like in a horror movie. Here was the first time we got lost although I get very well with maps. But straight direction there is impossible . That’s part of its charm, together with the ragged palaces, small floods and constant rocking ( I got so used to rocking while waiting for the public transport that I started doing it on solid land).While in Venice you must visit Burano – wonderful place with colorful houses and a feeling that you are at least hundred years back in time.

Dubrovnik – this year was filled with towns on seaside. The biggest reason for visiting Dubrovnik was Game of Thrones – I found out that part of the show is shot here and immediately decided that this is too close not go. We went with a dream, but realistically knowing that the chance to see the set was close to zero . The plan was to explore the city to the max and be settled just with it’s beauty. The city is magical enough to satisfy all my wishes so we spent a few days walking, bought bathing suit in emergency( it was around 30 degrees C, early October) and the last day was planed to just casually wander around the town and explore the old defensive walls.

While there , just around the corner – the Baratheon flag. Firstly I thought that I’ve gone crazy but on the second-there it was , full set of the show at one small bay. My joy was overwhelming, the remaining part of the walls we spent almost running and sat on some stairs to watch the filming of the scenes. We spent more than a few hours there and I will always cherish that moment. Coming back to Bulgaria we saw Kotor and Budva, but they didn’t impress me. Too dirty and falling apart.

Now I remember something that impressed me a lot – the horrible aftermath of the war – the mountains are still naked, the fortress above Dubrovnik is trashed with bullet holes.

London – whatever I say wont be enough. I’m in love with this city, as well as the country. I can talk for hours about the museums, culture, parks, transport, the calm living , beer etc. I’m sure that I’ll never get enough of it.

On this trip I had the opportunity to return to Bath, where everything is the same for centuries and you have the feeling that Mr. Darcy will appear just around the corner. We went to Stonehenge, it was quite fun to look at the stones while sheep run around and the buzzing of the highway is a distant noise.

Kusadasi – for the first time we decided to spent our summer holiday somewhere different that the Bulgarian seaside and Turkey was the logical choice. The hotel was not as expected, but the beach was so lovely and just five minutes away that we didn’t care. No seaweed, no rubbish but lovely hospitality and peace. We ate a loooot of baklavas and other divine pastries as well as my own discovery – Turkish sunflower seeds.

We went to Pamukkale and Efes – both remarkable and worth every penny and time spent traveling.

Budapest – we just had to fill the gap in the Three Capitals on the Danube river (Wien, Budapest and Prague) . I was advised to get some warm clothes and I still thank my friend. I know that on the river bank it could be windy, but that was just unbelievable. Last year I was swimming in the sea in Dubrovnik, this I had to buy a hat because my ears froze. Besides the weather the city is really nice and neat. The Fisherman’s Bastion is like a fairy-tale, such an lovely place. The beer was one of the tastiest I’ve drank , the food was also pretty good.

New Year in Berlin – I spent New Year for the first time abroad and so fun and memorable. Apparently the Germans still remember their army’s power , because the blast in the first seconds of the new year was quite something and went for at least half an hour. The leftovers of the fireworks were cleaned in the next few days, there were just so many. The weather was nice, no sign of the horrible tales I was told and to make the most of it we went to Potsdam. Beautiful small town with a huge park , few palaces and pavilions, also lovely old town center. I suppose that it would be astonishing in the summer.

Barcelona – we decided to look a bit south and to visit Spain for the first time. A first I was a little disappointed, because the city looked exactly like every other European capital, but the morning after our late arrival it astonished me with it’s beauty. The art nouveau buildings, Gaudi, the palms, the beaches and just the city itself! I’ve never eaten so much various fruits and sea food. I was always firmly against eating anything that lives in the sea, except fishes, but the paella changed my mind 🙂

Malta – our last trip so far, thanks to Wizzair and their amazing offers. This is the second destination connected with Game of Thrones, I’m a nerd, I know. The island is small, but filled with history and a special Arabian-Italian-English spirit. Delicious food with eastern taste, beautiful beaches and amazing capital. A favorite memory will remain our visit to Sicily and the climbing of volcano Etna.

Author: marinelapetrunova

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