About me

Hello, my name is Marinela and I started this blog with the idea to share my wonderful experience while travelling . I’m from Bulgaria, English is not my native language, so forgive me any mistake I make .

To me travelling is like breathing , there is nothing that feeds my soul the same and nothing that makes me happier . And if my stories can help anybody who is just starting to enter in this madness called travelling I would be more than happy .

P.P. A few years went since I started the blog, so it’s time for an update – besides me and my husband, now we travel with a toddler . He was a baby, but have grown up … My desire to travel haven’t changed a bit, it even may increased a little because I want to show the whole world to my son . So now you can read advises how to travel with a little kid , what you should be careful about and what can make you question your decision to begin the trip at first place 🙂

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